Chair of the University Council

Ding Yaoming


Pan Huiming

Vice Chair of the University Council

Pan Huiming

Vice President

Qin Caiqin  Ding Yuankun  Wang Da  Lu Xudong   Li Miao

 President Assistant

Zhang Zhonghai


Chair of the University Council: Ding Yaoming

Male, born in June, 1963; master of science and obtained doctoral degree in Education in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), professor of School of Physics and Electronic Information Engineering of HBEU, master's supervisor of Central China Normal University(CCNU )£»Hubei Young and Middle-Aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions; director of University Reform & Development Research Center of HBEU, director of Higher Education Research Academy of China, member of China Optoelectronics Association, standing director of South-central China Electronic Circuit Research Association of the Ministry of Education, the undergraduate teaching level evaluation expert of the Ministry of Education, vice director of Higher Education Research Academy of Hubei Province, and vice director of Higher Education Management Academy of Hubei Province; been mainly engaged in the researches of optoelectronic theory and higher education management for a long period; presided over and accomplished more than ten research projects at the provincial and ministerial level or above sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China one after another, published over 50 academic papers among which 18 were in Chinese core journals and 7 in EI reference source journals; chaired or participated in 7 projects (1 national key teaching research project, 5 provincial and ministerial key scientific research projects, 1 municipal scientific and technical innovation project) with 4 awarded provincial and ministerial first prize of teaching achievements; published and edited 10 monographs and teaching materials which were selected as the formal teaching books by the Ministry of Education; in September 2001, invited to give an academic report about ¡°Simulation Analysis of Optimum Design of a Planar Array of Tapered Waveguides in Wavelength Multiplexer¡± in the plenary session by the organizing committee of the 15th National Laser and Photoelectron Academic Conference; his project ¡°The Features of Optical WDM multiplexer/solution-Array Waveguide Grating in Technology¡± passed the provincial-level appraisal and reached the top level in China so that it was rated as an important provincial achievement in the development of advanced science and technology by Hubei Government in 2003.