Key Platforms

1.Hubei Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center of Biomass Resources Transformation and Utilization

2. Hubei Provincial New Countryside Development Research Institute

3.Hubei Provincial Key Laboratories

1) Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory of Special Fruits and Vegetables’ Quality and Safety Control

2) Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory of Crop Diseases Monitoring and Security Control

3) Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory of Biomass Resources and Chemical and Environmental Biotechnology

4.Hubei Provincial Innovation Bases

1) Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Base

2) Hubei Provincial Postgraduate Student Education Innovation Base

5.Hubei Provincial Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences for Colleges and Universities

1) Hubei Small Town Development Research Center

2)Chinese Filial Piety Culture Research Center

3) Hubei Small Micro-Enterprise Development Research Center

6.Hubei Provincial University-Enterprise Cooperation Center of Building Waterproof Materials Research and Development

7.Provincial Level Innovation Teams

1) Research on Chitosan’s Bioactivity and its Structure-Activity Relationship and its Application

2) Limited Fluid Mixture Infiltration and Adsorption Study

3) Local High Grade Rice Quality Improvement and Application Research

4) Basic Research of the Special Plant Pearl Flower in Northern Hubei and its Industrialization Development

5) Modern Agricultural Industry Technology System Innovation

6) Research on Nano-Gradient Refractive Index Micro-Lenses and its Arrays

7) Research of New Biomass-Based Composite Materials

8)Intelligent Information Processing Technology Research in Cloud Computing Environment