Journal of Hubei Engineering Universityis a comprehensive periodical of academic theories, sponsored by HBEU and directed by Hubei provincial Department of Education. Founded in 1981, its former name wasXiaogan Branch of Wuhan Normal College Journal. In 2000 it changed its name toXiaogan University Journal, and did so again in2012, calling itself the present name.

HBEU Journal adheres to the scientific and rigorous academic spirit with a focus on its good faith, innovation and academic qualities. The Journal articles have gotten high coverage in some publications such asXinHua Digest, Chinese Social Sciences AbstractsandLiberal Arts Colleges Academic AbstractsandPrinted Materials of People's University, and maintain their leadership in the similar university journals. The Journal is in the top 35 when measuring the number of times of its articles is cited in 2011 and 2012 in the national comprehensive university journals, and its impact factor (IF) is rising steadily. Since 1997, our journal has captured 6 first prize awards, 12 second prize and 54 third prize in the selection of excellent featured papers and outstanding editors in the field of scientific journals by Hubei Provincial Party Committee Publicity Department. Besides, it has been awarded as “Top 100 National Social and Scientific Journal” four times in succession and become one of "Chinese Core Journals in Humanities and Social Science”. In 2013, it was elected for the first time as one of " Wuhan University RCCSE Core Journals( Extended Edition)”.

Our journal initiated the columns such as “ Chinese Filial Piety Culture Research”, “Small Towns and New Rural Development Research”, “Language Literature Research”, “Political, Economic and Legal Research” and “ Education and Teaching Research”, etc., with focus on its construction of the first two items into characteristic columns. The column “ Chinese Filial Piety Culture Research”, with the purpose of encouraging the filial piety culture research, improving public ethics attainment, promoting Chinese excellent traditional culture and the construction of a modern harmonious society, enjoys a certain reputation and brings remarkable social influence due to its novel, unique, elegant and strict academic style. It has been rated as “Excellent Column” and “Famous Journal” by the National University Liberal Arts Journal Research Society and the Local University Journal Research Society for many times, “Hubei Provincial Characteristic Column” by Hubei Provincial Press and Publication Bureau. In 2014, the column “ Chinese Filial Piety Culture Research” became one of the third group of famous columns of the university philosophy social science journals construction projects by the Ministry of Education.

We sincerely hope that the scholars at home and abroad continue to pay attention to and support us with more excellent papers contributed for our further development.

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