Education of International Students

Hubei Engineering University is a comprehensive university in Hubei province approved by Ministry of Education. It is a public university funded and supported by the central government. Since the first recruitment of international students in 2012, the education of international students grows from nothing to prosperity. Scale of teaching is constantly expanding; number of students is steadily increasing; variety of nationalities is gradually multiplying. Up until now, more than 30 international students from North Korea, France, Russia, Congo the republic, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Kenya, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. have come to study in our university.

Advantages of studying in our university:

1. All international students have the opportunity of winning both “Hubei provincial government scholarship to international students” and “President’s scholarship to international students of HBEU”.

2. A special program of the undergraduate major for international students: Chinese for Foreigners. Applicants can start with zero foundations. For those who have studied Chinese before, this program is available at any stage.

3. Class capacity of the Language Program is no larger than 15 students.

4. Two HND diplomas (UOW & HBEU) can be acquired after study through the program of “International Trade Affairs” and “Biotechnology” that are jointly held by Hubei Engineering University, China and University of Wolverhampton, UK.

5. Free airport pickup.

6. Beautiful campus and first-class teaching equipments.

7. Our university is located in an inland city---Xiaogan City, Hubei Province. Xiaogan City is the only city across the country that is named after a traditional virtue: Piety. The city is in the inner circle of “Wuhan 8+1 Urban Circle” and only 50 km away from the provincial capital---Wuhan. The transportation system is quite sophisticated and convenient.

8. A variety of Students’ Unions. Abundant Union activities will enrich the spare time of International Students’ casual life. A free Chinese translation service is also provided.

9. Curriculum practice will be held twice by the School of International Education, which includes a visit to Hubei Provincial Museum and Jingzhou Museum, a practice class of Chinese calligraphy, seal carving and pottery, to help the students gain a better understanding of the Chinese culture.

International Students Programs are as follow:

1. For Undergraduate Degree Study: Applicants should be healthy and with a senior school diploma. The schooling duration is 4 or 5 years. Since school starts in September every year, students should apply from March 1st to June 20th. When students finish all the courses and gain the demanded credits, they will be awarded with a diploma and a bachelor degree according to the Academic Degree Stipulations of People's Republic of China. For those who fail to meet the requirements, they will only be awarded with a certificate accordingly.

2. For Chinese Study:

a. For Chinese Study: Applicants should be healthy and with a senior school diploma. The schooling duration is half a year or 1 year. Applicants can apply to Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Office (ICEO) of Hubei Engineering University all year around. We offer Chinese courses to foreign students, and professional Chinese teachers will provide teaching in all aspects including reading, listening, speaking and writing. Students will be classified into 8 categories according to their Chinese levels.

b. For Specialty Study: Applicants should have finished three-year study at college, healthy. The schooling duration is half a year or 1 year, which won't exceed 2 years at the most. Since school starts in September and February every year, students should apply from March 1st to June 20th of the current year and from October 8th to December 20 of last year.

When non-diploma students finish their study, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded if all the requirements are met. If not, an Attest of Enrollment will be presented.

Log on the following website for detailed information:

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Office of International Cooperation and Exchange(OICE) of HBEU

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